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Vietnam VIJF 2022


Ho Chi Minh  10-14 NOV 2022 - 29th Vietnam International Jewelry Fair (VIJF)
Vietnam is certainly one of the most interesting country of the ASEAN (population 622 milion, 3rd in the wold), concerning the luxury sector. The current population of 98 million people, with an average age of thirty, is expected to reach 100 million very soon. This Country deserves special attention with attentive eyes and ready to evaluate opportunities for approach, always keeping lucidly considering and weighing both the advantages and the difficulties typical in a very young market. Difficult to relate to structures that favour both the phase of promotion of its products, and the right entry into the market, but this does not mean that studying a sensible approach plan can be an important strategic choice that will gain market shares against national and international competitors . Based on the results achieved and the expected performance of the world economy, the yearly growth is 7 / 8 %. China continues to be the largest exporter to Vietnam, followed by Korea, ASEAN countries and Japan, or the largest investors in the country. Although the flow of exports to these partners is increasing, the trade balance with them remains in deficit and the trade surplus is due to exports to the US and the EU.

The annual Vietnam International Jewelry Exhibition Fair in Ho Chi Minh City has been held by Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC) since 1992 and is recognized as the largest Gem and Jewelry show of its kind in Vietnam. proud of having the strong support from World Gold Council, People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Gold Trade Association and Saigon Jewelry Association the VIJF 2022 Trade Fair, now in its 29th edition, has undergone strong development thanks to the substantial growth in the purchasing possibilities of the Vietnamese, and to the significant tourist impulse that the country is experiencing. The event attracts over 150 exhibitors from 14 different countries and annually brings together over 8,000 jewellery producers, companies and artisans very experienced in Vietnam. The exhibition is open to both traders and the public and attracts over 30,000 visitors each year during the 5 days of the fair.





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